Increasing brand identity

For a successful transformation, your brand identity must be inseparable from your business project or your territory.

Territorial marketing

Territorial brands increasingly lack identity when it comes to territorial competitiveness, which makes the brand a short-term political tool without any long-term political effect on its local appeal.

Managerial coaching

You are often the first people to sense and perceive the big changes that do away with old models. To succeed in this new world, you have to...

CSR and sustainable development

Making the people/users the focus of your organization and making your actions more effective using 3 kinds of modules: analyzing trends and societal changes, evaluating projections or actions taken...

Change management

In an ever-changing economic, societal and technological environment, businesses are forced to change to be competitive, to grow and to be appealing...

Point of sale coaching

When managing a point of sale network, sometimes the teams on the ground perceive the experience provided differently than management at the corporate office.

Behavioral change & nudging

Guiding change in employee, customer and public behavior... is one of the most complex challenges. What triggers current behavior? How does the physical and social environment affect it? How do you encourage people to adopt the desired behavior?

Customer relations

In an economy shaped by the digital transition, the Customer eXperience [CX] is now becoming, at all levels of an organization, an approach to optimally transforming the service principles to customer relations. 

Crisis management

Before, risk prevention was limited to assessing different risks. Today, organizations face all kinds of unpredictable risks.

Political and government communications

In this new world, elected officials don't need communicators, they need consultants. BVA's political consultants guide elected officials and candidates from their first idea to successful implementation to the benefit of their constituents...

Innovation and creation

In a changing world where technological revolutions push the limits of knowledge, organizations must innovate to grow. Yet, now more than ever, consumers look to brands and businesses to bring meaning and enjoyment to a participative approach...