In a future world, where technological revolutions will push the limits of the known world, organizations must be forced to innovate if they want to grow . More than ever, consumer-citizens expect brands and companies to contribute to a sense of Being in Life, in a participative manner.

These revolutions require real changes in strategy and marketing,which go through a process of creation or at least adaptation of existing policies (positioning, sales, etc.), as well as changes in relational models and occupations.


BVA offers you collaborative support systems to help you innovate, using several key flexible steps that are based on your needs & constraints (Créa’Lab, Art’Lab, Concept’Lab, Trends’Lab). They are available for the length of the project: they may include a “Run” approach (5 months of radical innovation with Art’Lab vs. 1 month for incremental innovation with Design Run). In the same way, when it comes to innovating by integrating user needs & company constraints (technological & economic), we may recommend the Design Thinking system, which is an agile, dynamic system, thoroughly collaborative, that draws from the in situ observation of behaviors and uses.

We place sensation and experimentation at the heart of our system, in a Test & Learn spirit. We work on a deep understanding of the brand at every contact level, using an eco-systemic approach.



Development of a new Young Seniors Total Offer in a context of insurance in a heterogeneous culture: positioning, products, services, tools, customer relationships and experience, sales channels and point of sales.

  • Documentary investigation inspired by the competitive sphere & international trends in the market. Interviews with internal and external experts
  • Internal workshop for collaborative guidance
  • Ethnographic exploration and in situ participant observation
  • Workshop for ownership of results and identification of growth strategies
  • Strategic and creative workshop for the development of cross-conceptual components
  • Test & Learn the 3 most portable components in the form of a Concept’Lab


BVA helps its customers capitalize on its expertise in Trends & Brands, its expertise in the Ethnographic, Nudge, CX and Digital approaches, totally anchored in a behavioral dimension. We work in group sessions, co-creating in advance, right along with our customers, the most flexible approach that will meet their needs.

Nurture viewpoints, confront different points of view, put knowledge and perception in perspective to achieve deeper understanding, as well as a a greater consistency in the deployment of the project.


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