Evaluating ideas for new product or service offerings? Screen the best ideas before making development plans.


Our assessment methods use a specific decision process for shoppers in each of the main activity areas (mass consumption, telecommunications, health) and include a pre-production prototype. In the competitive world, a purchasing or use scenario , Real Life contextualization facilitates a more intuitive reaction, even when there is a very rough representation, above all avoiding the bias of an interpretation that is too rational or too emotional (taking into account brakes on change.) We give you benchmarks using our BDD on most of the sectors in which we work, and we can advise you on which stimulants to include.


Disruption innovation, extending your range, renewing a product or service: the “one size fits all” system does not work. Each type of innovation has standards and distinct KPIs, in particular for predicting future changes in a context where the market no longer exists or to explore new targets.


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