Would you would like to evaluate the potential of a new product or service in order to be able to calculate the break even point on the investment, or to build a business model, or to validate the marketing mix before the “Go” for launching? Forecasting sales models can give you very valuable answers.


In the homogenous world (mass consumption, health care, etc.) we have proprietary models and algorithms that are used to simulate buying behaviors and follow the total cycle of each “moment of truth”. Market-mind PRS-INVIVO (c), for example, is a disaggregated micro-model (applied to behaviors individual by individual) which uses the buying cycles of FMCG products, behavioral measurements in competitive environments, and mix marketing to which shoppers/users will be exposed during each of their purchases. With more than 20 years of international experience, we offer guarantees of exactitude and multiple benchmarks.


For disruption innovations, you should explore the targets you want to reach (outside the buyers in that category) so that you don’t underestimate the potential of that market.

In a more open world (example: a service with few competitors) we construct predictive ad hoc models or models of market distortion. These are founded on criteria that determine the attractiveness for the targeted public, identified beforehand in your sector (with Bayesian methodology) and using advanced statistical techniques (structural equations).


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