In a world where the “buzz” is powerful (in the hotel industry, they talk of nothing but the recommendation market), this satisfaction is decisive because it can generate ambassadors (while dissatisfaction risks creating detractors). It is therefore essential that you make sure that the experiences your brand offers to its customers really brings them satisfaction.

Satisfaction is a necessary condition for loyalty (not always sufficient, since satisfaction may mean leaving the brand, for example to look for lower prices).

You have to create positive virtuous circles (satisfied and loyal customers who recommend the brand and make it easy to attract new customers) as compared to a vicious circle (dissatisfied customers who   generate a negative buzz, which makes attracting new customers difficult and costly).


  • A very precise diagnosis of the brand’s situation and its strategy allows us to offer optimal systems (for example, make a choice between continuous and immediate methods that let you improve customer experience on a daily basis vs. more strategic studies on older past memories left by the brand).
  • The analysis of each of these steps of the customer path allows us to find magical moments or tragic moments that mark a relationship and give it a positive or negative taint. The complementarity between the various methods are then always seen and its specific interest can be studied (for example, hot/cold combination, mix with analyses of mystery shoppers, etc.) to finally choose the KPI that best suits the customer strategy and its problems.


It is on the inside that one enters into the logic of the analysis of customer satisfaction. It is the employees who are the actors in the customer experience and who want to place customers at the center of the debate: of necessity, it is those on the inside who feel it first. Therefore, consultation with internal staff before beginning any measure is always recommended. The measure of performance can then act as a lever because everyone will want to see the KPI improve. A monitoring measurement of internal reactions or even the social climate is always useful to use at the same time.


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