The customer is changing and transforming the brand relationship. Ultra-connected millennials and travelers are coming to stores. Such changes raise many questions in the luxury sector: What expectations are created by experiences outside brick and mortar stores? What kind of codes and exclusivity do we find on social networks? What message is resonating with sales personnel in your stores, i.e. in your showcase? How does this co-exist with loyal customers? What kind of cultural training do you offer to foreign sellers? E-commerce site or personalized cross-channel digital services: do your sellers perceive the web as a competitor? Interactions with customers are increasing: What’s the relationship with your partners: outlets, travel retail, the secondhand market. The sales representative is an actor and manages the customer’s time. The customer’s memory of the in-store experience is therefore essential. Has the sales representative done everything to make it unforgettable?


As a true Customer Experience expert with a wealth of experience in the luxury sector, our global mission is to offer you local action: we bring our strategy from our corporate office and recreate it with you in your store. We offer you a wide range of customizable tools to learn what prospects and customers are thinking, to know their expectations and to see how your sales force is performing. We accompany you right up to “action time” with our retail performance management expertise. Not only do we help you define what needs to be done, we also show you how: we focus on 3 key aspects that affect a seller’s performance: recruitment, training and management. A manager’s role is to provide structure: a manager’s leadership and exemplary behavior provide a clear indication of what is going on in your stores. On board, happy and responsible, a seller feels committed to the 3 phases of customer interaction: before (what has brought the customer to your store), during (what attitude to assume, what skill to train, what motivation to manage), after (CRM and after sales service).


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